• If a facility lacks engineering experience to take on more challenging and profitable projects, and the customer has to go to another facility to perform that work, that facility is missing out on additional revenue, and the client is spending additional funds to get what he wants or needs. S-Aero enables that facility to offer a one stop shop to the client, while generating additional revenue and saving the client time and money.

For projects requiring on site support we provide liaison engineering support to coordinate engineering activities.


S-AERO does not cut corners. We follow strict guidelines set forth by the local authority where the airplane is registered. Our engineering packages are provided with approvals when required.



Customers need to feel that they have come to the right place for all their airplane needs. While their airplane is down for regular service, checks or maintenance, they may be happy to find out that during the down time, they may decide to repair or modify their interior, install LED lighting, upgrade the entertainment system, or install high speed Wi-Fi internet… too many possibilities to mention.


S-Aero can provide in-hangar engineering support as required. Our engineering and DER services are geared to meet customer's needs at their maitenenace facility, thereby removing the need for additional cost of fuel or pilots associated with flying to another maintenance facility. Our team will work with the maintenance facility to provide an amazing customer experience.


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