• With Option A, S-Aero has many years of experience. However, Option B is a project started in late 2013, and prospectus for investor review is being finalized. S-Aero, is looking for ways to assist aircraft owners in preserving and enhancing the value of their investment. And we also seek to unlock the value of an airplane whose current owner is not in a position to perform these upgrades.



S-Aero has encountered several business opportunities during its dealings with clients. Currently there is a large number of private luxury aircraft in service, that have low hours, but whose interior and various entertainment equipment is outdated. As an example a Global Express that is 15 years old, requires a $3M upgrade and can be resold after for a $2M profit.


Option A.

Client wishing to update his airplane can have S-Aero perform the interior upgrades. At that time he may sell his aircraft for a substantially higher price or enjoy, for all practical purposes, a new looking aircraft.


Option B.

A group of investors would jointly with S-Aero invest in purchasing the aircraft (such as a Global Express), and have S-Aero perform the interior upgrades. Upon the sale of the airplane, profits would be divided amongst the investors.


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